World Wide Net Cast

A round table discussion featuring Stefan, Thomas, Leslie, and occasional guests. We cast a wide net, covering topics like politics, current events, entertainment, and social media trends. Previous topics include: Radioactive Richard Feynman bites, the merged universes of Beauty and the Beast and Fullmetal Alchemist, and butt chugging viral videos, puppy parties, Japanese Toilet demons, Pokemon vs. Digimon, John Green, the quantitative value of a birthday party, Dungeons and Dragons, Senran Kagura Estival Versus and more...


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Listen as we deconstruct pop-culture, society, politics, and our lives.

Longtime pals, co-artists, and pop-culture enthusiasts Chelsea Davis and Jess Link jazz pop-culture, society, politics, and our lives. Listen to them discuss women in media, relive their sexual awakenings, laugh about the lovely absurdity of their shared tattoo, and much, MUCH more.


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History Deletes Itself

After 38 years of friendship, Ric Hickey and Blake Ross attempt to bottle a refracted glimpse of their rabbit hole rapport and twisted spin on every damn thing with HISTORY DELETES ITSELF - a podcast wherein two old friends discuss history, dissecting a decade one year at a time. Covering all the bases, they riff and rip on music, movies, TV shows, sports, pop culture, politics, headlines, big stories, trivia, little known facts and world events of every stripe. Your hosts focus on things they found particularly noteworthy when doing research for each episode, with a heavy emphasis on popular music and its influence as the soundtrack of our lives.

Youtube: Mercenary Ink

Our Youtube channel has not been used for much besides our occassional Let's Play channel, Agoraphobic Gaming. Watch Dan, Stefan, and guests play through games both old and new. Games such as: Blades of Steel, Long Live the Queen!, Slendytubbies, HuniePop, Deponia, Orion: Dino Horde, Saturday Morning RPG, Killer is Dead, Flashback, Mortal Kombat, Alien Syndrome, Phantom Fighter, Nidhogg, Alan Wake, and the contractually required Five Night's at Freddy's.